Book: Teen Talent Rehearsal - Part 1

When Saturday 13 August, 14:30

Location Show Bar

Price 10€

Info Please book Teen Talent Rehearsal 1 on Saturday to participate in this activity

Be a star for a night! In this activity teenagers have the chance to perform an act of their own choice. This is the first out of two mandatory rehearsals. 

During the activity, our Show Team will take care of the teens for approximately 1 hour, depending on participants. 



Teen Talent Rehearsal - Part 1
Good to know about this activity

By making this booking, the parent (referred to as “the guardian”) are agreeing to the following terms and responsibilities. This will help us offer your teenager (referred to as “the participant”) the most enjoyable time.

  1. By entering the participant information, the guardian confirms that the cost of this activity will be charged to the room bill.
  2. Participants between 8 and 15 years old are welcome to join the activity.
  3. The guardian must be present in the hotel area throughout the entire duration of the activity.
  4. Should the guardian not be contactable immediately in the event of an emergency, the Activity Host has the right to act accordingly in the best interest of the participant.
  5. If the participant requires routine medication during the time they are signed in, the guardian must provide this in person, without exception.
  6. Please note that the participant can come and go during the activity as he/she wishes. No sign in and sign out is required by the guardian.

Thank you for your booking!
All you need to do now is to inform your Teen to show up at the location.

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