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Regardless of your goals and training experience, your personal trainer (PT) will help make your training motivating and efficient. Your personal trainer is a professional training partner who assists you in reaching your goals while at the same time teaching you a lot about training. He/She helps you with all aspects of your training – from getting started to creating goal-oriented training programs, e.g. losing weight or running a marathon.

Personal Trainer - Lara

About me: My name is Lara and I am a 24 years old certified personal trainer, nutritionist and educated in sports medicine. I believe in evidence-based exercise and nutrition programs that have a strong standing in the industry. I am playful, genuine, direct and kind. I enjoy laughing with my clients while also providing them with an effective workout. With me you can always feel safe and seen. 

Training Philosophy: I focus on educating my clients in ways that can support their goals to make the workouts effective. I will meet you where you are at, and help you feel successful and strong by pushing you in a necessary way; not to much and not too little. I also focus on helping to create a positive self image to help you grow. I want you to feel seen and heard and I will be supporting you on both good and bad days!


Please note!

  • Cancellation less than 24 hours before treatment will be charged in full.